Our Story

With passion and unstoppable energy we are continuously watching trends in fashion and lifestyle. And while trend watching in the jungle of online webshops, we were still missing a place where you can shop for fashion and lifestyle accessoires with that typical tropical island twist.

So that became our mission; creating an online boutique with exclusive accessoires with a story. In Indonesia, Emerald of the Equator, there's that beautiful island Bali. In that corner of our planet we discovered that the most prescious products are crafted with love by the locals. By the idea of offering exclusive Balinese fashion and lifestyle accessoires to the whole wide world, we went cocoNUTS!

Massively inspired by Pris and Eve, the beauties with brains from We-Like.org,
we desired to expand the consuming market for starting entrepreneurs, creative minds, designers and craftsmen producing in Bali with this virtual boutique. A massive opportunity to offer their products internationally. Brainstorming sessions passed by and while sunset was fading away behind the metropolitan skyline of Amsterdam,

Coconuts Republic was born in summer 2012

“Love, Health and Happiness" is what's driving us sensibly cocoNUTS. Social Return is therefore a key motivator in terms of living up to our corporate values.

This is the reason why we return 10% of each transaction to the Balinese community. Each year we personally review and define an appropriate project in Childcare, Healthcare or Education. To proof to you that the money does not evaporate in cyber space, we bring hard core Balinese roepi-ah’s personally to the designated project!

You will find the CocoNUTS Republic project reports with interviews and pictures under Coconut Projects

Your journey, our destination

We hope you will have a wonderful experience with CocoNUTS Republic. Explore the treasures from beautiful Bali island here in our boutique.

Dream away, catch your own brain wave and imagine yourself walking on trendy Jalan Seminyak wearing an exclusive fashionable piece of SCMYK around your neck, or throwing a bohemian Kykullo towel on Malibu beach...

And please do return every now and than, collect your CocoNUTS and watch us returning to the Balinese community too.

Warm regards,

CocoNUTS Republic

from Bali to you, with Love

the founder

CocoNUTS Republic founder and owner Cindy Segond von Banchet has always had the island vibes in her veins ever since she was born as the youngest kid from a huge family of twelve, with both father and mother from Java island, the Republic of Indonesia.

Being raised in a village in the middle of Holland, capital city Amsterdam drew her attention since she started to study at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Amsterdam, the perfect place for free, creative minds with endless possibilities. City without boundaries, huge melting-pot of cultures and the possibility of living near the beach.

In 2009 Cindy settled down in Amsterdam Ijburg and became a permanent island resident as such. Still working in the high tech cyber security industry, her other passion, there was that urge to have her own boutique with exclusive, yet trendy and affordable accessoires, while at the same time being able to give back to the community. With her sales, marketing, communication and public relations background she decided to put the money where the mouth is and founded CocoNUTS Republic headquarters in her house with a quay. She does the shooting & styling of each item herself as well as copywriting texts, product descriptions and spreading the word online.


Cindy is deeply involved with the design of her virtual boutique, the buying, styling, and overall vision of the CocoNUTS Republic brand and loves most to make people happy and share the income of her online boutique with less fortunate people across the globe.

So what are you waiting for? Start your own journey to CocoNUTS Republic! =====>>>>>