"Today the term republic still most commonly means a system of government which derives its power from the people rather than from another basis, such as heredity or divine right. This remains the primary definition of republic in most contexts."

CocoNUTS Republic is about beach life and island life...
lounging on daybeds or in hammocks strung between palm trees, surrounded by Bali villa shaded terraces,
the scent of incense for offerings and the delicious smell of food from the nearest warung.

We are aware not everyone has the privilege to enjoy the luxury side of island life. Therefore CocoNUTS Republic strives to support our balinese fellow human being by giving back 10% of our revenue.

To touch the lifes of as many less fortunate balinese residents as possible, each year we define a specific project which we return to. This may vary from foundations to orphanages, balinese schools, hospitals and so on.

With the launch of our online boutique, we are very proud to announce you the first designated project: Foundation Sjaki-Tari-Us.

Foundation Sjaki-Tari-Us has the purpose to support, counsel and accompany children with a mental disability in their development and participation to society under the motto: Not less, but differently gifted!

They establish this by mobilizing Dutch resources, knowledge and expertise and put it to the disposal of parents, teachers, counselors and other interested people on Bali. Their mission is to transfer the resources in that way, that the Balinese people can apply and transfer this themselves in the future. In this way, the quality of the guidance, support and education of mentally disabled children, will increase structurally.

An overview of the marvelous initiatives from Foundation Sjaki-Tari-Us can be found on their own website:

We'll keep you posted regularly on the developments and news from Sjaki-Tari-Us. And remember when you buy something from CocoNUTS Republic which makes you happy, you will make another person on Bali happy!