CocoNUTS Republic is inspired by the beauties with brains from, Pris&Eve. As they kept blogging about the beautiness of Bali, it's layed back life style and all of Bali's treasures, it was about time for us to set up an online boutique to offer those Bali treasury to rest of the world and bring this cool stuff to you!
We could publish a long interview with these gals to get to know them a bit better, but we'ld rather reroute you to their own massive Bali blog, so you can experience yourself the beautiness of Bali through the brown eyes of Pris&Eve.

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Meet Dewi from Olenka!


Dewi Wangsa was born and raised in Bali, and she still calls this beautiful island her home. She attended the Whitehouse Institute of Fashion in Sydney where she studied design and textiles. As a designer she likes to vary her inspiration. She's inspired by everything from people and nature to art and her beautiful Bali Island. For Dewi, inspiration can be very simple. It can start just from noticing the way someone is wearing something or the way a fabric is draped. She takes time exploring the things that inspire her and she thinks that it is that attention to detail and desire to look for a meaning behind what she's doing or seeing that allows her to create the best collections possible.

Olenka the label was conceived in 2011, with a first collection launch (Wanderlust) in September. Dewi brainstormed names for quite some time before deciding on Olenka. The inspiration for the brand name comes from the main character of Anton Chekov's short story "The Darling." The key to Olenka is a sense of playfulness and fun. The name eloquently sums up the mood and nature of the brand and the kind of woman that wears Olenka.

Olenka is currently sold at the Goods Department in Jakarta and other niche retailers in Bali as well as Australia. In February 2013 Olenka opened a wonderful flaghip store in Seminyak, Bali. Coconuts Republic is the first Olenka stockist in Europe.

Bali insider Elena Merritt

Elena Merritt

Growing up near and nearly always in the ocean, owner/designer Elena Merritt has forever lived in bikinis. For her they were not just swimsuits, instead they became outfits. A second skin that an island girl just did not leave home without.

After finishing her degree in sports science, she took a trip around the world roaming exotic beaches and surfing untouched waves.

Beauty surrounded her every sight, from the shimmer of cultural costumes, to fresh fruit platters, even fishes that lit up as she swam under the stars. Her passion for fitness and fancy for creativity would finally come together as she realized her calling. Through bikini designs she is able to express her take on style and her experiences of what works best on the beach, whether it be taking the dog for a run, surf adventures with the girls, or simply laying out with a fashion magazine.

Designed with expertise, made with soul, worn with good ol' fashion fun, Boom Boom Bikinis, putting the soul in surfing and the sexy swimsuit.

Nicole Kunz, Milk the Goat

Nicole Kunz, Milk the Goat

Nicole Kunz is founder and head designer of Milk the Goat. She never went to fashion school. She credits her talent to years and years of obsessive shopping. Before making a move to fashion, Nicole was an actress, writer and director. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Film, Television and Media; and used her understanding and appreciation of visual art and the media to create the interactive fashion line, Milk the Goat. Nicole is American and has lived in California, Colorado, Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia, and currently in Bali Indonesia

Meet Mattia Morri

Meet Mattia Morri

Island boy Mattia Morri is a one of a kind. Riding for Insight & mastermind behind the brand Kykullo. Together with his mum they created the ultimate Kykullo beach towel. Growing up in Bali, surfing every day, doing what he likes is all the freedom he needs. Mattia recently created a new brand called "The Rad Rug" by Kykullo. A more edgy variation of the colorful Kykullo's they are selling worldwide. Surfing is his passion, Kykullo is his fashion.

Meet Claudia Conaglen

Meet Claudia Conaglen

Meet Claudia Conaglen, founder and head designer of Tahira.

Tahira is all about Claudia's passion for travelling and this is expressed and tangible in her designs. Her signature is a mix of island life, beach life, boho style, street style, girlish, yet feminine and casual dressy.

With years of experience working in the fashion industry, Claudia started Tahira Collection in July 2009. From the age of five she started modeling and as a seven year old, she already drew high fashion art. Art class was part of passing high school, and subsequently she won a number of awards for wearable arts and fashion designing. Claudia brings her considerable talent to Tahira and makes all the clothing oh so effortless and wearable.

Everyone loves to wear Tahira clothing for it's soft, comfy and summery feeling. From models to surfers, from teachers to top dancers and celebrities. Once you get hold of a Tahira item, you will wear it until the end, we promise!

Tahira is sold in several stores in Bali, as well as boutiques across Australia, New Zealand, California and Hawaii. CocoNUTS Republic is very proud to be one of the selected e-boutiques to sell Tahira treasures as well.