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Vanilla Fragrance      Vanilla Fragrance 

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CocoNUTS Candle by BsaB

This cocoNUTS candle is fun and enjoyable. Great for decoration, as a gift or to brighten your bathroom which turns instantly into a home spa once lit. 

And here comes the coolest part: these coconuts can also be used as floating candles to use in your bath, pool or pond!

CocoNUTS candles come to you in lovingly handmade-packed (recycled) rustic boxes, each complete with its own coconut-balancing ring for flat surfaces in case you’d rather not float it. The shells contain high grade soy wax, which burns luxuriously slowly and without smoke for many hours, melting into a pool of opulent fragranced oil. With a burn time of approximately 35-40 hours they will give hours of pleasure anywhere in your home our outside.


* Shape: round
* Height: 9 cm
* Diameter: 8 cm
Floats in water, great for pool party’s! 

Why so eco-friendly?
* Pure 100% Soy Wax
* 100% Cotton Wick
* Natural Coconut shell holder
* Unique packaging made completely from plants
* Re-usable, when completely finished and burned, use it as a pot for you mini cactus plant #DIY


International size European size Ribcage (1) measurements (cm) Cup (2) = bust
      A B C D
S 70 63-67 83 - 84 85 - 86 87 - 88 89 - 90
M 75 68-72 88 - 89 90 - 91 92 - 93 94 - 95
L 80 73-77 93 - 94 95 - 96 97 - 98 99 - 100

How to measure yourself:

Size Chart

1. Ribcage: measure around your body just beneath the bust making sure the measuring-tape stays close to the body.

2. Bust: measure around the bust while wearing your usual bra.


The ring size is determined best on a ring that already fits well. Otherwise measure around your finger, making sure the measuring-tape stays close to your finger, thumb or pink. On the widest point of the ring, the ring will be measured diagonally in millimeters.

XS = 16 mm
S= 17 mm
M= 18 mm
L = 19 mm


For the right bracelet size you can measure your wrist with a measuring-tape. The number of centimeters +2, is your size. Most of the bracelets in our boutique are adjustable. In case of any doubt just drop us an e-mail and ask for the exact size of the bracelet(s) of your choice.